We are always aiming for better with the responsibility and awareness we embrace as Hekim Holding for being a pioneer in the sector and we act in the direction of this approach and perception. We are offering products and services beyond the expectations of our customers and partners and we do not compomise from our quality. We are developing and growing together with them.

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    Hekim Holding makes its mark on the prefabricated building industry with Hekim Profile Co., producing light steel building profiles to be used in light steel building technology and Steelin establishment manufacturing multi-storey light steel buildings and ecological Mars containers, as well as with its 3 big companies Prefabrik Yapı, Özge Yapı, Hebo Yapı targeting continuous development with their high technology, production capacity and machine equipments and offering their products and services with customer oriented perception.

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    Hekim Yapı A.S., pioneering the fiber cement plates in Turkey which is the most developed product among interior and exterior coating materials, Hekim Panel producing roof and facade panels, composite panels, fiber cement facade panels, panels made of PET, Hekim Por producing EPS for the purpose of covering the insulation requirements and Hekim Plast having business in the field of polyethylene terephthalate decorative PET are all offering products and services in the building materials industry.

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    Hekim Holding companies offer their products all over the world which they produce locally.

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    Hekim Holding initially started its activities in paint plastic industry to provide for paint needs of the group companies with the mission “to be self-sufficient with the products it produces and eliminate external dependence”, then increased its capacity to be able to provide for the whole paint need of the sector.

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    Hekim Holding is mining silica mineral, a raw material used in the first autoclaved fiber cement product in Turkey, with its strong infrastructure and its staff expert in its field.

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    Hekim Holding is offering its superior dairy products to the consumers with its staff expert in food sector and professional approach adopting innovation as a principal.

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    Hekim Holding companies are having business in the sector with specially designed StructureROBOT machine lines, outdoor travelling cranes, gantry cranes, rollforming lines, cement plate lamination plant, electrostatic powder coating plant, polyurethane panel production line, wet paint plant, galvanized sheet and sizing and film coating line, bending presses, hydraulic shears, eccentric presses, turning lathes, forklifts, panel and door pressing machines, joiner’s workshop equipments, PVC aluminum joinery production equipments, biological treatment plant, compressors ...

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    Hekim Holding A.S., having 170.000 m2 of production area with the latest technology to use, is the only prefabricated building producer in the world which produces almost all of the main raw materials used in the production of prefab buildings in its integrated plants, having a high capacity and wide range of products.

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